If you are not familiar with Chazwick Bundick, get familiar with him. Since 2009’s release of Blessa, and his debut album Causers of This, which was born the following year, he has been writing musical history in a way that most artists can only dream of. Now, we are less than a week away from the release of What For?, and it’s about time for the spotlight to be turned towards him. (Side note: if you look around a little, you might just find a place where the album is being streamed…) Just in time for brighter days, this new LP turns towards the sun and ushers in a more mainstream, melodic, pop-like sound for one of the leaders of the chillwave movement that has nestled comfortably into the hearts of every self-respecting indie-type of the decade. These lovely people will not be let down with this new release; though more polished, What For? still captures the spirit of classic Toro Y Moi with its vintage flair and innovative sound.

Toro Y Moi tracks with guitar-driven and chart-bound qualities are few and far between. What For? is different; it still carries a wide variety of styles, (characteristic of Bundick at this point, given his previous four stunning studio albums) but it is packed with songs made for singing along to in the car. Buffalo, for instance, is like an echo of a top-40 hit, made cool again by grooving instrumentation and a certain fuzzy whine easing through the entrancing melodies, just begging for some impromptu accompanying vocals. Empty Nesters is an obvious single, catchy as can be. I actually heard it once while I was in a TJ Maxx, and it took every ounce of strength not to launch my standard high-pitched howls against the ears of random passerby. Run Baby Run struck me as similar to a certain Wheatus tune. All of the genres he has previously explored and represented with flair are absolutely present throughout the LP. With the thick and seamless integration of guitars, the creative limits on What For? simply cease to exist. I’ll be sitting up at midnight on Tuesday, purchasing the album on iTunes before visiting Spotify. This is a rare occurrence for me, but it is worth every penny. After all, iconic albums are far and few between. Thank you, Mr. Bundick, for everything. Toro Y Moi is about to shoot to the absolute top.




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